"In April 2016, two students from Brown University came to St. Patrick's Church to conduct a survey with the Spanish-speaking parishioners of our church. Their question was, "What role does the Catholic Church play in your life and in the Latino community in Providence?" Here are some of the answers they collected from your brothers and sisters in Christ.

    "En Abril 2016, dos estudiantes de Brown University vinieron a la Iglesia San Patricio para hacer una encuesta con los fieles hispanohablantes de nuestra iglesia. Su pregunta era, "Que papel juega la Iglesia Catolica en su vida y en la comunidad latina en Providence?" Aqui son algunas de las respuestas de sus hermanos en Cristo."

Iglesia San Patricio

"Help us renew and remember our values and the union of the family."

"It is a way to hear the voice of the Lord."

"It has helped me become a better person and a better community to live in."

"It provides spiritual support to everyone."

"It is the means of connection with all I have left in my country."

"It is a force that helps us survive."

"It is concerned with my salvation and I take comfort in my suffering."

"It fills me spiritually."

"Saved my life."

Many blessings and thank you so much for allowing us to do our project at St. Patrick's! It was an amazing experience.

Thank you,


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