401-421-7070 ~ Fax: 401-751-7085 

email: stpatrickprov@outlook.com 

Rev. James T. Ruggieri, Pastor

Rev. Nicholas P. Smith, Senior Priest

Charles Andrade, Robert MacLure, Deacons

Deacon Eduardo Birbuet, Pastoral Associate, 401-274-9245

Mr. Bruce Daigle, Principal, St. Patrick Academy, 401-421-9300

Deacon Stephen Raymond, Director of Operations,

 St. Patrick Academy,  401-421-9300 

Mrs. Maria Batista, Religious Education, 401-781-8403

Mr. Silvio Cuellar, Music Ministry, cantenalsenor@gmail.com

Ms. Loraine Cournoyer, Parish Secretary, 401-421-7070

Ms. Marlyn Batista, Coordinator, 401-274-6286

St. Patrick Parish Outreach Ministries, 

including Mary House Meal Kitchen & 

Food Pantry 

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